Boot Brushes on nature trails

The Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group and Lambton Shores Nature Trails teamed up to build and install boot brush stands at local trails – Ipperwash Dunes & Swales, L-Lake Management Area, Lambton County Heritage Forest and the Ausable River Cut Conservation Area.

Boot brushes are used by visitors to clean their footwear as they enter and exit the trails. This helps to prevent the introduction of invasive exotic plant species. Exotic species that reproduce via seed are of special concern when their seed becomes dispersed following attachment to the soles of footwear.

Pictured: Ross Atkinson (LSNT), Nancy Vidler (LSPCG), Nette Pachlarz (LSPCG), Janice Cuckovic (LSPCG), and Ed Hunter (LSNT)