Local Phragger takes to Ipperwash Swales for a Day of Removal!

One of our local phraggers took to the swales in Ipperwash this weekend to help out with some manual phragmites cutting! Way to go Sandra Marshall!

During the winter, the property owners were able to cut the sixteen foot Phragmites monoculture while the ground was frozen. They were then able to burn the biomass on their property. On the weekend, Sandra used a raspberry cane cutter, rake and toboggan to cut the stalks at a lower level and remove the floating biomass. The cleared area once looked the same as the phragmites monoculture in the background. It’s a start!

If you or someone you know will be in the Ipperwash area this season and would be willing to volunteer some time to help out with phragmites removal, please leave a comment on this post. Chest waders and a canoe or kayak are recommended!