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School Phragmites Presentation

Kettle and Stony Point Phrag Busters Phragmites Control Project (February 2018, Volume II)

KSPFN Phrag Control 2017-2108

Lambton Shores Management Plan

December 2013 - Phragmites australis has become pervasive throughout the Municipality of Lambton  and as an invasive speciesare now impact has extended to and  along the Lake Huron coastline. Phragmites cells have expanded across extensive sections of the shoreline negatively impacting recreational use, aesthetics and valuable coastal ecosystems. Unless a concerted effort is undertaken to control Phragmites throughout the entire region, and in a timely fashion, this aggressively spreading invader will continue to expand and increasingly become an issue.
Prepared by Dr. Janice M. Gilbert and LSPCG Chair Nancy Vidler

Wood Drive Coastal Wetland Control Assessment Report

2014 - 2016.

Located along the Lake Huron shoreline this ~59 ha (146 ac) coastal wetland is Provincially Significant and Globally Rare designations and includes the only meadow marsh community on Lake Huron within the Carolinian Zone. The meadow marsh, is a critical habitat for a number of species at risk including turtles, snakes, birds and plants.  These species are currently under significant threat due to the expansive, high density coverage of invasive Phragmites australis. Additional impacts include an overall decrease in native plants and wildlife, reduced recreational opportunities and diminished aesthetic enjoyment of the lakeshore.