No ATV’s Please!

The Lambton Shores Wetland Enhancement Project (‘Wood Drive’) is an ‘orphan’ wetland which we took on beginning in 2014. By far our largest project to date, this coastal wetland is located along the Lake Huron shoreline within the Municipality of Lambton Shores and covers ~59 ha (146 ac). The wetland complex has Provincially Significant and Globally Rare designations and includes the only meadow marsh community on Lake Huron within the Carolinian Zone. The meadow marsh, emergent marsh and shallow open water communities throughout this wetland provide critical habitat for a number of species at risk including turtles, snakes, birds and plants. Working with our partners over many years we are finally seeing the end of this huge undertaking!

As the wetland’s native plants re-establish and the wildlife returns, the area faces a very real threat from ATV’s. These recreational vehicles cause havoc and are one of the ways invasive species are spread. In an effort to educate, we have placed signage at the site. We hope that when people know better, they will do better! Please respect this globally important ecosystem!

The Invasive Phragmites Control Centre was on site – lucky for us! Ryan and Jess definitely did all of the heavy work!